It's Learning, Made Smarter

Today's business landscape is constantly changing, and the workforce moves fast to stay informed and effective. To help you keep pace and unlock the potential in your company, we designed a smart, flexible, social e-learning platform that delivers quality content to the right people at just the right time.

Stepped-Up Onboarding

StepItUp provides the experience and content for new or migrating employees to learn critical skills and behaviors, fast. Our efficient delivery ensures thorough learning, which can lead to optimal productivity in minimal time, plus money-saving retention.

Social Engagement

Research shows that learning works best when it's social, and in small chunks that can be quickly reinforced through recall and demonstration. StepItUp enables high-impact social learning that not only engages users in learning, but harvests their knowledge for others.

Crowdsourcing & Integration

Our easy-to-use system helps employees produce and share their own educational content, with administrative permission and filter options for quality control. Then, we deliver content nearly anywhere through email, intranet, apps, and more.

Recognition & Personalization

StepItUp's recognition, learning, and sharing technology is designed to trigger positive feelings and behaviors for better individual employee success and overall business outcomes.

Learning at the Speed of Life

Our platform and interface work together to deliver content simply, easily and intuitively to employees, reducing usage hours that can result in lost time and productivity.


StepItUp offers a boost to your organization's performance by simplifying the integration of human capital and business metrics.

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